A new era of urban growing!

The Fridge Grow controller converts a simple fridge into
a fully automated growbox with perfect conditions 24/7

  • No smell
  • Plug‘ n Play System
  • Quiet
  • Fully automated, including watering

The Fridge Grow revolutionary
approach for urban growers

  • The Fridge Grow Controller manages your components via remote controlled sockets
  • Light, Temperature, Humidity and CO2 are automatically controlled
  • Closed system for stable conditions and fertilization with CO2
  • Plant
  • Water once
  • Relax
  • Harvest

The Controller

The controller is always checking temperature, humidity, light and CO2 concentration to provide an optimal climate.

  • App controlled
  • Full offline functionality
  • High-End sensors included
  • Sophisticated control algorithm

Why a fridge?

It is a perfect, low budget climate chamber for producing fast and reliable crops

  • Cooling the climate
  • Modifying humidity
  • Isolating
  • Independent from installation location
  • Absolutely discrete

Disruptive growing technology

Chill out on your couch while you control your grow by app

  • Perfect growing without experience or effort
  • Lab technology for your home
  • Change the climate to your needs
  • The 1st of its kind
Closed system
24/7 perfect conditions
Works in different fridge sizes
Moisture is re-condensed
Odor stays inside the fridge
Selectable climate for every stage
Integrated watering without tank or pump
CO2 grow booster
Independent from surroundings

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