Easy control of your home garden

Professional equipment for maximum comfort at home

The simplest solution for best success with minimum effort.

Easy control of your home garden

Professional equipment for maximum comfort at home

The simplest solution for best success with minimum effort.

Icon Einfach zu bedienen

Save time, money & nerves

Let the system do your work
Automation at the push of a button.

Icon Komfort

Maximum comfort

Wireless control without wiring
App and many comfort features.

Fridge Grow Icon

Everything from one source

Growset or individual,
Tent or growbox – your choice.

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Secure data and harvests
Perfect climate and everything in view.

Discover the versatility of our Grow Universe

Whether monitoring, fully automated grow box or grow tent.
Compatible, expandable and individual – and it’s easy too.

Equipment Flexo Grow für Growzelt


Dimming, regulation, climate control.
Regulate or upgrade existing equipment.
Modularly expandable and everything in one app.

Flexo Grow Monitoring mit Grow App


Comprehensive data logging,
Grow diary and easy-to-use
Analysis tool for better success.

Fridge Grow Komplett Set


The first closed grow box, rules
Air Conditioning, Irrigation & CO2. Fully automatic with
climate recipes to drying without any effort.

Discover what suits you

Pure data monitor, automatic grow box, the first digital grow tent
or as an improvement to your existing garden. All with one controller and one app.
Constant further development of our products ensures long-term success with maximum comfort.

Icon - verlässliche Ernten

Reliable Crops

Even without know-how.
Perfect for beginners.
Maximize Success.

Icon Starke Partner wie hortiONE, sanLIGHT, primaKlima

Strong partners

Combine our technique with
Products from companies like
hortiONE, Prima Klima and SANlight.


Icon Features

Enjoy features

Integrated grow diary, webcam,
Alarms, secure remote access
and much more.


Icon vollautomatisch


Climate Control, Irrigation &
Co2 takes over the system.
Saves time, money and nerves.

Our great partners

Plant Power

Growth stories from our happy customers

As a beginner, you are faced with many questions.
Fridge Grow was the perfect solution. Self
as a complete beginner I can successfully
harvest and it’s super fun.



In the meantime I’ve taken down my tents.
I can travel again and take care of others
Take care of things while the Fridge
taking care of my plants.



Celebrating the system and the team. I learn everyone
Tag something about my plants and when I do something
need the team is very accommodating and helpful.
Keep it up.



You really did it.
Those were my first thoughts when I got the system
saw for the first time. The first closed grow system.
Play and learn with the values, love this thing.




The most frequently asked questions explained simply and quickly

What is the difference between Flexo Grow and Fridge Grow?

Both product lines use the same controller and software and are thus compatible. Fridge Grow is a fully automated grow box that works without supply air and exhaust air and is therefore very quiet and easy to care for. Everything from seeds to drying is done by the box. However, the size is limited by the refrigerator. Flexo Grow is optimized for use in ventilated systems (tents, rooms) of all sizes. You can use and automate existing grow equipment or dim fans and LEDs.

I'm a beginner grower, what should I start with?

Our products are for beginners laid out and make gardening easier. Fridge Grow is best suited for beginners. This system takes care of both the climate control and the watering. You don’t need any know-how, you don’t have to wire anything and you can easily use climate programs. Even the drying is done for you.

Which system is best for new growers?

For beginners and people who don’t want to spend a lot of time finding out about plants and the optimal conditions, it’s the best product. Tool-free conversion and then only pour every 3-4 weeks. That’s all you can do, because the system does the rest for you and you can monitor everything from the comfort of your couch.

I already have an indoor garden - does your system still have any advantages for me?

Definitely. You can save time and money. Whether monitoring or automating your existing setup – everything is possible at the push of a button. The existing devices are simply plugged into our sockets and controlled based on measured values. This allows the climate to be regulated and you always have everything in view with the monitoring, grow diary etc.

Which refrigerators are best?

Basically all refrigerators are suitable without a freezer. We offer a very good model in our shop, but you can also use any other (or used) model. It is important that the refrigerator still works. If you have any concerns, you can always ask our support for advice.

I want to cultivate 2-3 plants and I'm wondering which system is best here?

Here we can Fridge Grow recommend. The system is optimized for maximum yield of up to 4 plants with minimum effort. Select climate program and get started. It’s discreet, quiet, odour-proof and easy to control with the app. You only have to water every few weeks and you can also dry the plants straight away.

Which providers do you work with. Which equipment from my tent is compatible?

We work with SANlight, Prima Klima and hortiONE together or their devices can be seamlessly integrated. We offer “ready-to-use” solutions for both LEDs and for the EC Blue line from PrimaKlima.

Questions? Write us a message and let's grow together!