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Flexo Grow Starter Set – automated – Ideal for tents and indoor farming

• The Grow Starter Set for use in tents and indoor farming
• 24/7 monitoring for various parameters
• Universally applicable
• Predefined climate recipes and analysis tool
• Automation with wireless sockets

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Fridge Grow Controller

Temporarily unavailable

Remote controlled socket Germany, Austria (type F) × 3

36.00  each incl. VAT

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Micro USB Cable

A simple micro USB cable to supply the controller with power

Exhaust wireless tube fan ø 125 mm (optional)

Exhaust wireless tube fan ø 160 mm (optional)

Reserve radio socket AT / DE ... (optional)

Out of stock

Radio socket adapter (optional) × 2

For Switzerland, Italy, and other countries, you should order two adapters, which we will select based on your delivery address. No adapters are required in Germany.

This product is currently unavailable.


Discover the possibilities of the Grow Starter Set for open systems – the universal controller for 24/7 monitoring and wireless automation. Monitor temperatures, humidity, CO2, VPD and light with just one device. Applicable up to 100m² garden, tent or closed grow systems. With predefined climate recipes and an app analysis tool, you have full control and ease of use. Automate your system with the included wireless sockets and add peripherals. This set is the minimum for using the controller in open systems such as tents and indoor farming.

Fridge Grow Controller

Take your plants to the next level with our smart controller – 24/7 monitoring of all relevant parameters like temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD and light from anywhere. Direct data transfer without cloud, secure remote access, notifications and diary conveniently via mobile device or PC. Automate your system with our remote controlled sockets or peripherals and choose individually or a set to automate an airtight (Fridge Grow) or open system.


Radio-controlled sockets

Smooth and wireless control of your components with the help of such sockets.
These remote-controlled sockets are mandatory for the system.
These devices are suitable for communication with your Fridge Grow Controller.
Depending on the measured parameters, the corresponding socket is switched by the controller via remote signal.
No wiring is required. Please note that the sockets may not fit into your socket depending on the country.

Scope of delivery: 3 pieces
Plug type F (Austria, Germany, …)
Operating voltage: 220 V / 3000 watts


The set includes:

1x Fridge Grow Controller
3x wireless sockets, plug type F (Austria, Germany,…)
1x Micro USB cable for the power supply of the controller
The Fridge Grow app is available for free download in the Google Play Store and the App Store.


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