Temperature, humidity, CO2 level and lighting are constantly controlled, creating the perfect conditions for your plants.
Sit back and chill, while our Fridge Grow Controller manages your grow for you!

A grow-box build with our Fridge Grow Controller is a completely sealed system, eliminating the need for expansive and loud air filtering and ventilation. You can put your grow-box anywhere, without having to consider excess moisture or noise.

Water evaporated by the plants is condensed and reused, creating a closed circle and dramatically reducing the need for additional watering. Several weeks without any watering are no problem with our system.

By actively controlling CO2 levels you can provide more CO2 to your plants than they would normally get from the atmosphere, increasing both growth rate and yield.

Our system always keeps the perfect climate, completely independent of outside conditions. Neither blazing summer heat nor harsh winter cold will ever keep your from growing again.

App controlled

Fridge Grow Controller App

Keep an eye on your grow from any smartphone or computer. All climate parameters can be easily adjusted and detailed analytics allow you to optimize for your plant’s maximum potential.

The Fridge Grow Sets for tool-free conversion
are innovative and affordable at the same time.
A high-tech laboratory in your home.

The Controller

The App

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The whole System


Fridge Grow Complete Set

Fridge Grow Technology

The revolution in urban growing

Be part of new movement and grow like professional labs. Full control at any time including analyzing tool for better results. Your chance to experiment like never before and get out the very best of your plants. Reliable crops with little effort. Try it and you will be stunning.

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