Fridge Grow Controller

Start in a new era of plant cultivation.
Outside fridge – inside growbox!



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Fridge Grow Controller –  for a fully automatic controlled growing box

Ever dreamed of having your own climate chamber? Adapt temperature, humidity, light and also CO2 to your plants, maybe even without watering? The Fridge Grow DIY kit makes it possible. In a closed system (e.g. refrigerator) without air exchange (without AKF) constant conditions are created according to your wishes. Fully automated and easy to use – even the casting is done. The Fridge Grow Controller and your components are connected wirelessly and controlled with our app. Predefined climate recipes and an analysis tool of the app ensure full control and easy handling. Open the refrigerator, plant in, water once, select the climate program and wait. The system is inconspicuous, quiet, odorproof and is independent of the ambient temperatures. In other words, even in summer there are constant temperatures inside (since there is also cooling). Fridge outside and grow box inside – high-tech like in the laboratory at home for the first time.

Start in a New Growing Era.

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Decide your individual climate, fully automated including watering. Create new tastes and enjoy reliable crops. The DIY climate chamber enables you to set your desired conditions regarding to the needs of your plants. Discover new insights in the cultivation of plants and let the controller take care of the perfect conditions for every stage of growth – independent from the installation space.

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The following items are required to operate the controller:


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