Become a professional grower with Fridge Grow - perfect for your automatic grow box or grow tent.

Can be selected as a complete set or individually

Flexo Grow Set - Remote controlled sockets - Controller and App

"Discover the versatility of our Grow Controller - perfect for your automatic grow box, grow cabinet or grow tent. Choose it as a complete set or individually and experience easy and effective control of your plants."

Monitoring and Grow Controlling

Fully automatic grow technology

  • CO2 flooding
  • full control – Co2, temperature, humidity
  • secure data through offline use
  • modularly expandable
  • gentle drying
  • Everything wireless
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • remote access
  • free app
Kostenlose Grow App für Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet
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Fridge Grow Technology

The closed system

This system is unobtrusive, quiet, odour-proof and is independent of ambient temperatures. Converting the refrigerator into a closed grow cabinet is easy. The complete set is available in our online shop.

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Flexo Grow Technology

Usable up to 100m²

Versatile. 24/7 monitoring, but also automation of your existing equipment at the touch of a button. Plug humidifiers, heaters, LEDs, etc. into our radio-controlled sockets, set the desired operating limits and you’re done.

Compatibility between both systems
Indoor Growing Farm Grafik

Closed or open system

You can switch between Fridge Grow and Flexo Grow as you like via the controller and the sockets.
Simply set it in the app and use it according to your taste.

Plant growth simple and fast

The Grow Controller - Made in Austria.
Available as a set or individually.