Complete Fridge Grow SET – All you need for the conversion

The complete Fridge Grow Set for tool-free conversion. The system is inconspicuous, quiet, odor-proof and is independent of the ambient temperature. 24/7 monitoring of all relevant parameters for your plants such as temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD and light from anywhere. Predefined climate recipes and an analysis tool in the app ensure full control and easy handling. Can also be used as a drying chamber.


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You will find the components included in the set listed below.
You can order optional components directly.

Produkte für Indoor Farming & Growzelt

SKU: FG001

From: 949.00 

Fridge Grow Controller

225.20  incl. VAT

Remote controlled socket Germany, Austria (type F) × 3

36.00  each incl. VAT

In stock

Micro USB Cable

In stock

Dimmable 100W Fridge Grow LED Lamp

189.00  incl. VAT

In stock

Grow Control Cabinet Heater for Plant Cultivators

239.80  incl. VAT

In stock

Set SodaStream CO2

187.00  incl. VAT

In stock

Digitus USB 2.0 Hub 4 Port

In stock

USB Mini Fan × 3

In stock

Aluminium Sheet

Socket holder - Perforated sheet

6-way socket outlet

In stock

Accessory Set - Fridge Grow Kit

In stock

Mounting grid

Trace elements

The addition of trace elements is strongly recommended.
Provides essential trace elements for your plants
ready. The pack lasts for up to 6 months (2 x 3 months).

Radio-controlled socket as a reserve ...

We recommend that you create a radio-controlled socket as a reserve,
for only 12 € instead of 36 € per piece.

Remote controlled socket adapters Switzerland × 2

To another country such as Switzerland, Italy, ... you should order two adapters. We will select the right adapters for you based on your delivery address.


This smart controller brings you on the next level.

24/7 monitoring of all relevant parameters for your plants including temperature, humidity, CO2, VPD and light from everywhere. Direct data transfer without any cloud, secure remote access, alerts and grow diary can be conveniently controlled via mobile device or your PC. This controller is also suitable to automate your system by adding our remote-controlled sockets or the peripherals. Choose individually or get a set to automate an airtight (Fridge Grow) or open system.

Adapt temperature, humidity, light and also CO2 to your plants, maybe even without watering? The Fridge Grow DIY kit makes it possible. In a closed system (e.g. refrigerator) without air exchange (without AKF) constant conditions are created according to your wishes. Fully automated and easy to use – even the casting is done. The Fridge Grow Controller and your components are connected wirelessly and controlled with our app. Predefined climate recipes and an analysis tool of the app ensure full control and easy handling. Open the refrigerator, plant in, water once, select the climate program and wait. The system is inconspicuous, quiet, odorproof and is independent of the ambient temperatures. In other words, even in summer there are constant temperatures inside (since there is also cooling). Fridge outside and grow box inside – high-tech like in the laboratory at home for the first time


Remote controlled sockets
Smooth and wireless control of your competent responsibility jacks.

These remote controlled sockets are mandatory for the system.
These devices are for communication with our refrigerator.
Hazy from the controversial parameters, the second socket is switched by the controller via remote signal.
No wiring is heard. Please note that depending on the country, the sockets are not in your passenger socket.

Scope of delivery: 3 pieces
Connector type F (Austria, Germany, …)
Operating voltage: 220 V

Control cabinet heating

Aluminium Sheet

Nothing special, just a boring piece of aluminum sheet.
The sheet metal can be used to force water droplets to run back into a pot.

Length: 43 cm
Width: 27 cm
approx. 2 mm thick, flexible

Info: The exact dimensions can vary slightly in the mm range.

Digitus USB 2.0 Hub 4 Port

  • Plug & Play
  • Data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps
  • 4 ports

CO2 SodaStream Set

  • CO2 pressure regulator Basic M1
  • CO2 solenoid valve
  • CO2 hose clear 3m
  • Assembly Key

Micro USB Cable for the power supply

  • A simple micro USB cable to supply the controller with power
  • Length: 1 m

Mounting perforated grid for attaching the socket strip
Dimensions: 39.5 cm x 12 cm

6-way socket outlet with main switch

Mounting grid for the components in the interior
is adjustable in size
Extendable from 35 – 61 cm, 32 cm deep

Liebherr refrigerator MRFvc 4001 Performance

Turn your fridge into an airtight grow box.
Refrigerator with convection cooling.

Total volume: 377 l
Product group: Refrigerator with convection cooling
External dimensions (H/W/D): 188.4 / 59.7 / 65.4 cm
Capacity: 0.5 l PET 253
Load: 0.33l can 506
Energy efficiency class: C
Annual energy consumption (in
kWh/a: 389,81
Voltage (V ~): 220 – 240
Frequency (Hz): 50

The Set contains:
1x Fridge Grow Controller
3x Remote Controlled Sockets (Austria, Germany,…)
1x Control cabinet heating
1x Dimmable FG LED
1x Aluminium Sheet
1x CO2 SodaStream Set (solenoid valve, pressure reducer, hose)
1x Micro USB Cable
1x USB Hub
3x USB Fan
1x Perforated grid
1x Socket strip 6-way
1x Sealant, Trace elements, tape, zip ties Set
1x Conversion instructions

Optional components:
1x mounting grid for components (optional)
1x Extra trace elements (optional)
2x Radio socket adapter for another country like Switzerland, Italy, … (optional)
1x reserve radio-controlled socket (optional)
1x Liebherr refrigerator MRFvc 4001 Performance (optional)

Note: The SodaStream cylinder, fridge and lamp is not included.
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Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 30 cm

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